by MarsVendz

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This album is my first experiment and oppurtunity to do what I thought I was capable of, and is purely about the self, in trusting and following your ideas


released November 11, 2015

All music written and performed by MarsVendz

Recorded at Geller Cellar Studios Mahopac, NY
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Eliot Geller



all rights reserved


MARSVENDZ Mahopac, New York

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Track Name: Ubiquitous Archon
Bereshit, under the sun
We came from dust to plague the earth and chase the wind
Not knowing what's to come
From the womb to the tomb
In vain
We're better off unborn
Tiger got to hunt
Bird got to fly
Man got to sit and wonder Why? Why? Why?

Pull out your hair
Stare through your hands
Pull out your hair
Pull out the answers

Track Name: Hypnobible: A New Earth Energy
Stare at the sun, so my mind can feed
Food for the worm, a humanoid seed
Born from a dream, we're always cut clean
Thrown to the sheep, and set to repeat

Hypnotizer psyche imprint lord, you know you're answering my prayers
Hypnobible ocean climber, cause I'm coming up for air

Lurk at the door, a devil did flirt
Fell off the earth, and into the dirt
Reach up through doubt, and claw your way out
A vex of the mind, a watery drought

Sentinels came to satisfy thirst
Life from our veins, the blood of the cursed
Earthborn antique, diluted and weak
Cloaked like a sheep, and set to repeat
Track Name: The Shaumbra
I saw clues
They were dangling there holding a prayer, for whats a boy to do
Could you foresee?
We always had the key
It was dark enough to lock us up
Two moves to set us free
It let me in, underneath your skin
It showed crystal clear realities perceived through higher frequencies
Give in
Where have you been?
Where have I been?
Where have we been?

I saw through
With a hypno stare, optical flare
We clawed our eyes for youth
Phosphenes showed me, lucid insanity
It was bright enough to blind our minds
Free fall into the sea
Unholy twin, underneath your skin
It was years to purge it out of me
Shadow confined since infancy
Give in
Wash off your sin
Shed off your skin
Reborn again

Bright light can appear
Shine through your fear
Igniting from all directions
Bright lights you can feel
Heal and reveal
The sun and your resurrection
Track Name: Abrahadabra: Levitating Spiral Discernment
Remember remember when you woke from forever, you wore those eyes so wide, bliss poured out from the pressure point blank retina scan the earth in your hands touch the higher dimension extending perception burning futile knowledge down to the barest beginning, remember remember it's never too late to pass through fate, remember who you are again, remember
Track Name: Facing Fear
When the sun sets in your mind
Supply your own light home
Shining so bright
Face your shadow-self with hope and love
Cast out phantoms, conquer ego

When false evidence appears so real
Remember who you are again
Infinite energy human
Unbounded bliss and consciousness
Potential that is limitless
Track Name: Rejoice
Wherever you are
Stare at the stars
Light will appear
Transcend your fear
Bring home the scars
Hearth placed from heart
Set it ablaze, and life will amaze

It's been knocking at your door
Time to let it open
It's a long forgotten lore
Time recalls it open